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Commercial Renewal Questionnaire

Fill out the following form as completely as possible. Once you have completed the form, click the Submit button to send your information. Your request will be handled promptly.

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Have there been any significant changes in your business? For example have you started offering other products or services?
Have you conducted a thorough inventory of your business personal property, equipment, including inventory and stock?
Have you moved or expanded to an additional location?
Have you hired any employees?
Have you bought or sold a vehicle?
Have you reviewed the actual cash value of your vehicle to determine if comprehensive or collision coverage is worth the insurance expense to insure those exposures?
Have you made any improvements to your property?
Optional Endorsements
EPLI covers businesses against claims by workers that their legal rights as employees of the company have been violated. If Yes, give us a call and we can discuss options
Employee Dishonesty Coverage: Protects you if your employees steal from your business or customers. If yes, discuss with the agency
Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions Coverage: A professional liability policy covering the policyholder for negligent acts and omissions that may harm his or her clients. Do you provide a professional service?
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Important Notice
Any submissions or payments made via this website do not constitute a binding agreement to your policy or coverages. Changes and payments to policies are not effective or binding until you, or any party involved, receive official notice from either your insurance agent, or your insurance company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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